About Marcey

Marcey is a Spiritual and Soul Alchemist and an insightful, intuitive spiritual counselor and facilitator who has a Masters in Counseling from Prescott College. She is also an ordained Healing Minister, Certified Aromatherapist, Hypnotherapist, Quantum Light Practitioner. Her background includes 30 years of experience in mind-body integration therapy, energy healing, herbology, guided imagery and relaxation techniques. She has worked as an oncology social worker, Cancer Guide, and set up programs in women’s mental health at a local hospital. She has worked in the areas of domestic abuse, bereavement, hospice, compassionate communication and chronic pain.

Her vision is to provide you with healing tools to assist you in your journey of health, wholeness and well being. Her tools include therapeutic grade essential oils, quantum healing approaches, spiritual counseling and offers individual sessions and group retreats.

It has been her experience in her own life journey that the opportunities for an abundant and joyous life are many and to experience it we must release old beliefs, ancestral and family patterns as well as karmic limitations. There are many ways to do that and ultimately it is the ability to listen within to hear our own innate wisdom that allows us to reach the potential we seek. The potentials are limitless and the more we tap into those possibilities the more we experience peaceful joy in our world. Marcey is here to help you release what may be limiting you and to help you connect to your inner wisdom and your possibilities for a joy filled, adventurous, peaceful, centered life.

Do some of those sound like contradictions? Yes and no. When we come to that place in the quantum where we feel the connection with everything the dualistic world we live in, fades and we realize the paradoxes of life are really just opposite sides of the same coin. In other words – when we reach that place of connection to the divine and a deep grounding to our mother earth, we no longer ride the waves of life in perpetual tumult – waiting for that moment or two when the waves calm. As we experience our authentic selves, connect to our inner wisdom, we just ride the waves in a sense of calm and peace, enjoying the great unkown as life’s next adventure. It is a fun place to operate from and Marcey is happy to help you connect to that within yourself.