It began when I stated I AM GRATITUDE and I felt myself embody and be gratitude in way that just saying I am grateful never achieved. As the recent violence has unfolded and I found myself steeped in sadness and grief, I stopped and stated to myself I AM GRIEF and that same embodiment and beingness ensued. It also surprisingly helped me get to a place of peace, much sooner than struggling with the emotions. And thus was born this:


I AM the child who’s parent was killed by police, by snipers, by hate

I AM the police filled with anger and fear.

I AM the police filled with calm and my sense of purpose to serve and protect

I AM the black man stopped and killed for being black

I AM the black man filled with rage and trapped in a system that does not let me be anything other than the color of my skin

I AM the black woman filled with grief and fighting a system that condemns her twice for being black and for being a woman

I AM the white woman who supposedly has privilege and yet has to fight to be seen first as a person

I AM the rage in the face of struggle and inequality

I AM struggle











Some of these were difficult to embrace and write, yet each time the result was peace and love.

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What Happens When One Embraces Gratitude?

I’ve been aware for a long time the importance of gratitude, however, it sometimes felt to me like automatic responses rather than truly embodying it. I’ve done this myself – list things I’m grateful for with half of a heart as if it is what I’m supposed to say rather than truly feeling it.

Recently I went through a period of extreme chronic pain. I tried various treatments – chiropractic, essential oils, herbs and supplements with very little relief. Since I also meditate regularly and do a process of letting go of what might be blocking me from feeling authentic and happy, I felt I was needing to just embrace the pain and love it for whatever lessons it was presenting to me even though I did not understand what those lessons necessarily were.

One morning I awoke in pain and went and sat in the chair in my room that looks out at my yard. It is also where I do meditation. I was feeling extremely frustrated. As I sat watching the dove on her nest, the word GRATITUDE emblazoned across my mind. My mind immediately said – yeah right – I’m grateful for this pain – not! I breathed into my heart center and this wisdom came forth – Don’t be grateful for specific things – just simply embody gratitude. So I did – it was an amazing experience – I filled with tears of joy and felt myself be embraced in a cocoon of love and gratitude. Since that day almost 2 weeks ago my pain has decreased 80-90%. I am doing more loving things for myself and feel now that I am gratitude – rather than striving to be grateful. Hmmm.

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Finding a Heart Centered Approach to Marketing

I have taken various marketing and build your business seminars. Sometimes it fits and mostly it doesn’t align with my authentic self. As I have been searching for solutions to address my own health challenges, I have found myself clicking on a link because it suggested something that I could be interested in, only to be presented with a long video or sales page wasting my time before it would then take me to their program, book or products as the only way to achieve my goal. I think of myself as fairly savvy and yet I can fall prey to this – especially when I’m frustrated because what I have been doing is not working. I recently spent a lot of money for a program. I got some valuable things from the program and it was not the end all be all that it said it would be. And it wasn’t worth what I paid for it. Learn the lessons and move on and yet – how do I apply these to my life.

In my continued search, I ran across a female doctor who is heart centered and grounded. She wrote a book, she does a newsletter and she is there to help folks. Period – no pushing a program, product to be the solution to everything. She spoke to my heart, which is where I am turning and listening more and more these days to know when something is right for me. It was so refreshing.

The other lesson is how to apply this to my work and what I have to offer folks. Do the constant blasting of emails, ads and other promos help – or do I  slow it down and just offer with my open heart what I have to offer. I have often stated I don’t want to be a product driven business. Yes, I have products to offer, most importantly I have information and tools to share and look for the ways to reach the folks who will benefit from this.

This is my promise to you, the reader – I will not bombard you with sales promos – I will simply let you know what offerings there are and if you are drawn to them, I will hear from you and we will interact. My purpose is to help others and find that powerful wisdom within them that will guide them to their health, well being and truth.

May our journeys be filled with wonders and smiles and when our paths cross may they be filled with joy.

With blessings in my heart for you,


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Truly Loving Ourselves No Matter What

I have recently been running into people with the pattern of beating up on themselves when they make mistakes or the situations around them are not in their control. These are compassionate, loving people who give to others from their hearts and yet when things don’t quite go as they think they should, they get down on themselves, hate themselves and blame themselves. This is anger turned within and often leads to depression.

I’m familiar with this pattern as for years I dealt with my demons and almost always came to the conclusion that I wasn’t good enough and somehow it was my fault – I should have done something more to change things. In recent years I have discovered ways that have helped me to break this pattern and I find now that for the most part I never go back into that mindset. Instead, I have grown to love myself and see the bright, loving soul that I am. It has been nothing short of being an almost complete freeing of my authentic self. (There is always more to allow to come through, eh?)

At this time of Valentine’s weekend when the focus is on romantic love, I have long ago realized that romantic or any kind of relationships start first with loving ourselves warts and all. There remains the belief by many that if we love ourselves we are selfish, egotistical and can not be there for others. I have found quite the opposite to be true. In fact when we truly love ourselves we make choices that nourish us and actually give us more energy to be present for others.

What does it mean to nourish ourselves? Is it as simple as having foods we love, relaxing with the TV or a movie. While these things can be nourishing, if we do only these things, we will feel depleted instead of nourished. Here are some thoughts for nourishing ourselves:

Meditation, contemplation or prayer                                                                                                   Eating healthy choices mindfully                                                                                                          Laughing – seeing the humor in life is precious                                                                                 Sharing time with friends or family whom we love                                                                           Spending time with our pets                                                                                                                   Being in nature                                                                                                                                          Keeping a gratitude journal                                                                                                                   Connecting with our heart center                                                                                                          Having fun that truly fills you with joy                                                                                                Writing                                                                                                                                                       Listening to music and or dancing to the music within                                                                    and….?

Another important element of loving yourself is to relinquish control – as much as we’d like to believe it to be true, the world does not revolve around us. We don’t control the choices of others and we are allowed to feel our emotions and then release them so they don’t control us.

May this Valentine’s Day and beyond give your heart to yourself, appreciate who you are and love it! You’ll find your reservoir of love for others being quite full.

Much love,


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Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

While this remains my favorite times of the year, I’m struck by how often November and December are filled with tragedies and unthinkable acts of hatred. When I go back in history of my own lifetime, I can remember events like Jonestown mass suicide, countless shootings and other horrors. It almost feels as if the time of Thanksgiving and the season of light is challenged to remain in gratitude and grace. And yet, while my heart cries for the waste of lives and suffering, I choose to focus on the amazing acts of courage, kindness, grace and love that spring forth to create a balance.

Recently I read a story in which there are Black Knights and White Knights. The Black Knights believe that chaos and darkness challenge humans to evolve. The White Knights believe in living in the light and promoting healing and love. In the story, a different threat comes to us and the Black Knights realize that they need the White Knights to restore balance and allow the earth to survive and thrive. What the realization truly is that we need both to thrive to bring balance. That is the reality of this 3 dimensional world we live in (discussion about other dimensions is for another time).

The truth is that the White and Black Knights lives within each of us and we must embrace them both to restore balance – to keep the dark from living in a place of complete fear, hatred and violence and to keep the light from only emphasising the “good” and ignoring the rest. This human experience is to embrace both.

As the Dalai Lama recently wrote, it is not enough to just pray – we must act to be the peace we wish for. We must embody the light and the dark and bring it forth into our actions with purpose and kindness. Speak truth with love. Seek change with kindness. Allow that which needs to pass on, do so, grieve and embrace the new hope that begs to be born.

May your dark nights be brightened with loving light.


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