I’m seeing many posts about the significance of this date. Numerologically, Astrologically and of course it is Veterans’ Day, all seem to point to a day of honoring our past, letting go and moving into new beginnings. I am happy that veterans are being honored as there was a time when that wasn’t so. No matter our beliefs and feelings about war, our soldiers are men and women who felt a call to duty to serve our country, often on the world stage and in war. To support their service and their sacrifices is to embody the love and acceptance that many of us talk about being in our lives.

This date has always been significant for my as it is the anniversary of my father’s birth. Had he lived, he would now be 95 years old. We used to joke that he got a national holiday for his birthday. In a sense, he did as he too was a veteran of World War II. As many from that era did, he rarely talked about his time in the war except to tell a few humorous stories. He later told my husband some scary times and horrors he witnessed. When the Vietnam war was raging he told me he supported the anti-war protesters stance. He said that he learned that ultimately there are no winners in war and that somehow there needs to be a better way. He did not regret his service, he just always wished there would not be any more wars to fight.

Here we are more than 50 years later and war is still very much a part of our lives. Now we have terrorism, racism and I don’t know how many other isms that play to our fears, anger and insecurities. And yet, I remain hopeful and open as our disparities play out. Light usually overcomes darkness and it is more important than ever to open to our hearts, to see all of us (our “enemies” too) as our brothers and sisters, and send love even when we are frightened and disagree. The great spiritual teachers – Jesus, Buddha and others taught this and it is truly time for us to embrace these teachings and bring forth that light everyday.

As it is also a New Moon, I see this as a day to set intentions for the highest good for all who live on this planet. To embrace ourselves with all of our perfections and imperfections and to set forth the wreath of peace, forgiveness and gratitude for ourselves and for all.

Blessings and love,


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Alchemy, Soul Alchemy and Essential Oils

It’s been a long time since I posted here – and I’m being given the message to do so regularly. Here is an article about my work that I recently did for my first video.

How did I become The Essential Alchemist? The name came to me about 10 years ago when I was at the very top of the mountain near my city of Tucson, AZ. It is called Mt Lemmon. I was with my friend and we were doing some brainstorming about my work. I have a background in Counseling both Spiritual and Psychological, Energetic Healing Practices and am a certified Aromatherapist. As we sat, surrounded by a ring of Pine trees – I had the awareness that what I truly did was some form of alchemy and that essential oils were one of my main tools. My friend looked at me and said “You are The Essential Alchemist” It rang true and has been an inspiration as I have explored and grown this work of mine.

What is Alchemy? If you look in Webster’s Dictionary it states-   “a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life”. It is also known as a precursor to modern chemistry – although chemists call it little more than the occult as if to dismiss it importance.

In my estimation, Alchemy has a strong spiritual aspect to it and can be applied to many aspects of daily life. A basic example is preparing food – you have various vegetables on the counter – each in it’s own right full of important vitamins and minerals. Now combine them in a bowl to make a salad and you have an even more powerful meal to nourish us. Add a salad dressing and not only is the flavor enhanced, but the nutrition as well. Now take it a step further and lightly cook those vegetables – a whole new flavor emerges and while some nutrients might be diminished, others are in fact expanded and enhanced. Now as you prepare it add love and the taste, nourishment is even more enhanced. This is alchemy.

In my work I connect to our spirit and soul, which then connects to the universal flows that make up our earth, sky, water and air as well as the universe beyond this world. To me our souls are our true selves and our direct connection to spirit. Too often in our human experience we get caught up in our personalities, our mind, our egos and lose connection to our soul or our authentic self. Soul Alchemy helps us to reestablish that connection which is located in our hearts. ( or high heart as some traditions suggest).

Using various energy and guided meditation approaches, I guide you in creating that bond with your heart wisdom and you authentic self.

I have found that one my most powerful tools and allies in this process are the use of essential oils. They are a delightful part of my practice and I create blends as I am guided, both for general use as well as custom ones for individuals or groups.

Essential oils are the very potent “oil” that is distilled from plants and trees. It is the condensed essence of the plant. When you combine them artfully with other oils – a more potent blend is created.

Example: Lavender, often called the Mother oil because of it’s many uses and benefits is a great one to combine with other essential oils.

Think for a moment of a field of lavender. Its beautiful lavender color and the sweet fragrance it gives off. For many it is a soothing and calming smell and site. Now take the those flowers and distill them into an essential oil – their potency in fragrance, and it’s healing abilities are greatly increased. Mix it with another essential oil, like tea tree oil and it becomes a superior antiseptic and soother for many skin irritations.

So there is very important chemistry going on with essential oils and knowing the impact of the chemistry on the body is vital. However, tuning into the energy and spiritual aspects of the oils can allow for creative alchemy that can take these oils and their use with humans to interesting and limitless possibilities.

In my work, I have been surprised by which oils seem to want to be combined and when I get my mind out of the way – I am amazed by what is produced not only with the oil blend itself, but with it’s impact on the person.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts about my work which I am grateful to share with others.

And do check out my website – http://theessentialalchemist.

August 4, 2015


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Time for rebirth

Spring is here in the desert, flowers blooming, birds nesting, the weather inviting us to spend more time outside. I love the spring as many of us do. While we do not have the winters that others do in other parts of the country, we have had an especially cold winter (did I say snow?) for here and so the warmth is welcome now. It is also the time to begin to move from the inward time to being out in the world more at least in terms of natural cycles. Several healing systems recommend a cleanse at this time and for those of us with seasonal allergies, this is a good thing to consider. Lymphatic massage is good to keep things moving in our bodies.

Spring is a transition time -moving from winter to the full bloom of summer. Besides the physical cleansing, it is a good time to look at the beliefs and programming that may no longer benefit us. When we feel stuck in anyway in our life it is generally a sign that some deep belief or programming has hold of us. This can be in our energy field and not necessarily on the conscious level. Various energy healing modalities can aid in releasing these blocks including, Quantum Wave Healing, Energetic NLP, EFT and others.

This is the time of year that I am instilled with excitement and hope as new life physically buds around me and the seeds that we plant now for own health and well-being will bring an abundant harvest in the near future.

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Riding the Waves of the Unexpected

I’m guessing that many of you have felt the sometimes extreme challenges of the times. Emotions can be right there and unexpected things seem to bring out these emotions. I myself have been surprised to find anger nipping at my heals as very old situations have surfaced as they are triggered by current events, both personal and public. I have allowed myself to experience the emotion and then tuned into my healing practices as they release and let go. Relationships have changed in some surprising ways and what I thought was rock solid no longer is. What a time it is as our lives seem to be changing at rocket speeds. I am so grateful in all of this chaos to have the tools – my ability to tap into the quantum field and rise above the duality of this world. I find that when I do – the challenges melt away or resolve easily and many small miracles occur. It is a wonder. The essential oils I seem most drawn to at this time are my Quantum Collection – Quantum Connection, Quantum Healing and Quantum Light. They raise my vibration when I am being drawn into the emotional body and allow me to come to a greater place of clarity and peace.
May each of you find your tools in these incredible times of shifts and change. If I can help you on the journey, do make contact. Blessings. Marcey

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Lessons from Owl

I had started to write a completely different blog, when I was visited the other morning by a Great Horned Owl on my patio roof. Being one who is deeply attuned to animal and plant kingdoms, I was immediately taken into his presence and received the most wonderful messages. Owls have always symbolized wisdom to me and as a child I associated them with my father. Little did I realize that their medicine goes much deeper and is a great part of me. Owls represent the darkness, the shadow, the divine feminine and the light within (their yellow eyes symbolize the great sun in the darkness). Their vision and hearing is very acute and they can see beyond what is obvious. As one who was blessed (although it often felt like a curse) to see beyond people’s words to what their soul was speaking, I was able to finally acknowledge the owl in me and be grateful for my ability and my growing wisdom of how to use this gift. I watched as the owl, silently flew away after sitting for nearly 3 hours in stillness and it became apparent to me the importance of silence and knowing when to speak. My friend quoted this to me – “Let the words you speak be worthy of the silence you break”. How often do we all speak without thinking and later regret what we have said? How often do we use words to cover up the truth that is ours because we are to frightened to speak what is truly in our hearts?

The messages of the owl continue to unfold for me and have opened me to many truths I have not been acknowledging. In working with clients, I see so many struggling to find that place of truth within themselves and to be able to speak it without fear. I watch as so many of us hold on to “comforts” and mistake them as truths, when they are really keeping us from who we truly are. And who are we? When we come from our hearts and that place of pure love, we glimpse that this physical body is but a speck of who we truly are. Our souls are immense and they bring such radiant light. That is our only truth – and when we let ourselves touch into that truth of our being, all the stories we tell ourselves crumble and we reveal the bright light of love that we are.

In this time of great change, may you open to the truth of who you truly are and allow that light of love to guide you through the challenges of life.

Many blessings,

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