Finding a Heart Centered Approach to Marketing

I have taken various marketing and build your business seminars. Sometimes it fits and mostly it doesn’t align with my authentic self. As I have been searching for solutions to address my own health challenges, I have found myself clicking on a link because it suggested something that I could be interested in, only to be presented with a long video or sales page wasting my time before it would then take me to their program, book or products as the only way to achieve my goal. I think of myself as fairly savvy and yet I can fall prey to this – especially when I’m frustrated because what I have been doing is not working. I recently spent a lot of money for a program. I got some valuable things from the program and it was not the end all be all that it said it would be. And it wasn’t worth what I paid for it. Learn the lessons and move on and yet – how do I apply these to my life.

In my continued search, I ran across a female doctor who is heart centered and grounded. She wrote a book, she does a newsletter and she is there to help folks. Period – no pushing a program, product to be the solution to everything. She spoke to my heart, which is where I am turning and listening more and more these days to know when something is right for me. It was so refreshing.

The other lesson is how to apply this to my work and what I have to offer folks. Do the constant blasting of emails, ads and other promos help – or do I ¬†slow it down and just offer with my open heart what I have to offer. I have often stated I don’t want to be a product driven business. Yes, I have products to offer, most importantly I have information and tools to share and look for the ways to reach the folks who will benefit from this.

This is my promise to you, the reader – I will not bombard you with sales promos – I will simply let you know what offerings there are and if you are drawn to them, I will hear from you and we will interact. My purpose is to help others and find that powerful wisdom within them that will guide them to their health, well being and truth.

May our journeys be filled with wonders and smiles and when our paths cross may they be filled with joy.

With blessings in my heart for you,


About Marcey

Marcey DiCaro is the Essential Alchemist, A certified aromatherapist, background in counseling psychology. She is an ordained Healing Minister, practitioner of Quantum Lightweaving Healing Waves, Energetic NLP and hypnosis. She combines the energetic healing techniques with the energetic and physical healing properties of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.
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