Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

While this remains my favorite times of the year, I’m struck by how often November and December are filled with tragedies and unthinkable acts of hatred. When I go back in history of my own lifetime, I can remember events like Jonestown mass suicide, countless shootings and other horrors. It almost feels as if the time of Thanksgiving and the season of light is challenged to remain in gratitude and grace. And yet, while my heart cries for the waste of lives and suffering, I choose to focus on the amazing acts of courage, kindness, grace and love that spring forth to create a balance.

Recently I read a story in which there are Black Knights and White Knights. The Black Knights believe that chaos and darkness challenge humans to evolve. The White Knights believe in living in the light and promoting healing and love. In the story, a different threat comes to us and the Black Knights realize that they need the White Knights to restore balance and allow the earth to survive and thrive. What the realization truly is that we need both to thrive to bring balance. That is the reality of this 3 dimensional world we live in (discussion about other dimensions is for another time).

The truth is that the White and Black Knights lives within each of us and we must embrace them both to restore balance – to keep the dark from living in a place of complete fear, hatred and violence and to keep the light from only emphasising the “good” and ignoring the rest. This human experience is to embrace both.

As the Dalai Lama recently wrote, it is not enough to just pray – we must act to be the peace we wish for. We must embody the light and the dark and bring it forth into our actions with purpose and kindness. Speak truth with love. Seek change with kindness. Allow that which needs to pass on, do so, grieve and embrace the new hope that begs to be born.

May your dark nights be brightened with loving light.


About Marcey

Marcey DiCaro is the Essential Alchemist, A certified aromatherapist, background in counseling psychology. She is an ordained Healing Minister, practitioner of Quantum Lightweaving Healing Waves, Energetic NLP and hypnosis. She combines the energetic healing techniques with the energetic and physical healing properties of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.
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