New office for Tucson locals – Santa Rita Springs Pool House or my home office on the far NW.

Healing Sessions

Soul Alchemy: Marcey combines reading the Akashic Records (our soul’s records) with energy clearing and healing. Clients have been grateful for the clarity, peace and healing that has occurred during and after these sessions. May include a recommendation for essential oils to use. Includes Mp3 recording. In person or by phone. Sale -$50 (Regular Price: $95)

Sessions are at Santa Rita Springs (Grant and Mountain), by phone or my home office,  or your home for $10 more.

Aromatherapy Consult : In person or by phone – we create a blend or blends just for you and your needs at this time. Includes an energy healing wave.On sale – $45. Regularly $65. Includes one single or blend – 5ml. Shipping extra.

Ceremonial Rites of Passage: As an ordained minister with the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations, I perform ceremonial rites of passage which include and are not limited to weddings, funerals, graduations, anniversaries, pregnancy blessingways, birth blessings, divorces, initiations etc. I customize these for you based on your beliefs and desires. Includes a pre-ceremony meeting, and the ceremony plus any papers that must be signed and delivered to the appropriate agency. These are done on a donation basis. And are performed in your home or the location of your choice. Suggested donation is $100. Traveling outside of Tucson area must include expenses.

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