What Happens When One Embraces Gratitude?

I’ve been aware for a long time the importance of gratitude, however, it sometimes felt to me like automatic responses rather than truly embodying it. I’ve done this myself – list things I’m grateful for with half of a heart as if it is what I’m supposed to say rather than truly feeling it.

Recently I went through a period of extreme chronic pain. I tried various treatments – chiropractic, essential oils, herbs and supplements with very little relief. Since I also meditate regularly and do a process of letting go of what might be blocking me from feeling authentic and happy, I felt I was needing to just embrace the pain and love it for whatever lessons it was presenting to me even though I did not understand what those lessons necessarily were.

One morning I awoke in pain and went and sat in the chair in my room that looks out at my yard. It is also where I do meditation. I was feeling extremely frustrated. As I sat watching the dove on her nest, the word GRATITUDE emblazoned across my mind. My mind immediately said – yeah right – I’m grateful for this pain – not! I breathed into my heart center and this wisdom came forth – Don’t be grateful for specific things – just simply embody gratitude. So I did – it was an amazing experience – I filled with tears of joy and felt myself be embraced in a cocoon of love and gratitude. Since that day almost 2 weeks ago my pain has decreased 80-90%. I am doing more loving things for myself and feel now that I am gratitude – rather than striving to be grateful. Hmmm.

About Marcey

Marcey DiCaro is the Essential Alchemist, A certified aromatherapist, background in counseling psychology. She is an ordained Healing Minister, practitioner of Quantum Lightweaving Healing Waves, Energetic NLP and hypnosis. She combines the energetic healing techniques with the energetic and physical healing properties of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.
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